Indoor Bird & Aviary: Budgie

As one of the smaller pet bird species, the Budgerigar (or “Budgie” for short) is a popular family pet, with a friendly nature and playful personality.

An image of a budgie
  • Budgerigar Food with Spirulina

    This premium budgie mix contains a variety of small ingredients preferred by Budgies and is enriched with our Bucktons Spirulina pellets. Spirulina is the original superfood and if nature were to make a multivitamin, Spirulina would be it! Our Bucktons Spirulina Vitamin Pellets have been carefully developed to enhance plumage, as well as support healthy immune and digestive functions, benefiting your birds overall health. The pellets are enriched with calcium and a variety of vitamins and minerals to help keep your bird happy and healthy.

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  • Special Budgie 20kg
    Special Budgie

    An easily digestible mixture, using high quality sourced ingredients. These smaller seeds are ideal for a Budgie’s requirements.

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  • Budgie Tonic 12.75kg
    Budgie Tonic

    This blend has been formulated for supplementary feeding, designed to maintain optimum show condition this is a great option which is also suitable for Finches. With the added orange essence for a distinctive aroma.

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  • Budgie 50-50 Food 20kg
    Budgie 50/50

    An all-round mix suitable for Budgies, formulated for easier digestion, so a great mix during breeding.

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