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For many people, attracting, feeding and observing a myriad collection of bird visitors is an integral part of the day. That’s why at Bucktons, we've created exceptional mixes which not only cater for the fact that birds' nutritional requirements change by season and species, but also keep them coming back for more, all year round.

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  • Bucktons Coconut Feeder
    15 Pack Coconut Feeders

    The perfect treat for garden birds, our Bucktons Coconut Feeders are high in fat and full of energy. Perfect for all year round feeding with added coconut flavour.

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  • Bucktons Suet Cakes
    20 Pack Mixed Suet Cakes

    Our Bucktons 20 Pack Mixed Suet Cakes are a high in fat making them an ideal source of energy for your garden birds. Three different flavours in one mixed 20 pack - Berry, Mealworm & Peanut.

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  • Superior 12 Seed Blend

    For use all year round, the Superior Seed Mix is a no mess, husk free blend and with 12 different seeds in the mix, will attract a wide variety of birds to the garden. To ensure maximum nutritional benefit, the mix is also enriched with sunflower hearts and suet pellets.

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  • Nyjer Seed

    These small seeds are packed with oil and so are a great source of nutrition. Birds enjoy eating Nyjer all year round but their composition makes them a great product to feed in Winter. We recommend feeding from a Nyjer Feeder to reduce waste.

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  • Black Sunflower Seeds

    Black Sunflower Seeds are high in oil which makes it a great source of nutrition for birds. Birds enjoy sunflower seeds all year round but they are particularly good to feed in Winter, when natural food is harder to find.

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  • Sunflower Hearts

    Rich in oil, Bucktons Sunflower Hearts are a great source of nutrition for birds. They can be fed all year round but are great in colder weather

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  • Peanuts

    Rich in protein and fat, Peanuts are popular with a wide range of birds.

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  • Superior 160 Suet Balls

    Our Bucktons Superior Suet Balls feed twice as fast as Standard Energy Balls. Packed full of peanuts and sunflower seeds to help provide garden birds with extra protein and energy.

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  • Peanut & Mealworm Suet Pellets 12.55kg
    Peanut & Mealworm Suet Pellets

    Our Bucktons Peanut & Mealworm Suet Pellets are a high fat formulation that will attract a variety of wild birds.

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  • Fruit & Berry Suet Pellets 12.55kg
    Fruit & Berry Suet Pellets

    A high energy source for wild birds, which can be fed all year round. A great option during the winter months and breeding periods to provide the energy Wild Birds need.

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  • Wild Bird Food

    Our Bucktons Wild Bird Food is a good quality all purpose mix that will provide nutritious food for a variety of garden birds.

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  • Premium Wild Bird

    Our Bucktons Premium Wild Bird Food is a no mess, wheat free high energy blend which will attract a wide range of popular garden birds.

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