About Us

At Bucktons we place all our efforts into providing a brand which you can rely on, as we know that you need a brand you can trust to take care of your birds. Our commitment to you is in our brand promise on sourcing, quality and consistency.

Welcome to Bucktons

At Bucktons, we understand birds.

We understand all about the nutritional goodness they need to stay at their healthy best.

Our expert nutritionists also understand that you need a brand you can trust to take care of your birds, all year round.

With us, caring is instinctive, because nurture is in our nature. We want more birds to benefit from our expertly sourced, scientifically formulated and perfectly blended products.

That’s why we’re now growing our range, bringing Bucktons products to an even wider bird-loving audience.

The Bucktons Promise

Only the very best ingredients, sourced from reputable, fairly trading growers are incorporated into the Bucktons range. This, along with Bucktons commitment to cleanliness and consistency are key values at the heart of Bucktons.

Our Principles

We are dedicated to our sourcing, our quality and our ability to provide scientific advances, all with your bird in mind. Together we aim to create enjoyment, life and vitality for your birds.

We believe strongly in the quality and sustainability of every single ingredient in our foods.

That’s why we employ a dedicated team to source the very best ingredients, making an effort to buy locally from reputable farmers where possible.

Once ingredients are delivered to our manufacturing site in Yorkshire, we triple clean products before use and ensure we can track each ingredient from field to shelf. This is why we are the only British bird food manufacturer to have achieved the British Retail Consortium’s ‘AA-Grade’ accreditation.