Bucktons bring pet care advice to life!

A series of YouTube videos that will be a perfect tool for pet retailers to utilise, have been released by pet food brand Bucktons, offering useful advice and tips for bird owners.

The videos will help retailers educate their staff, offering important guidance and knowledge to consumers on how best to look after pet birds and ensure they stay happy and healthy.

There are three videos in the series which have been published on the Bucktons Pet YouTube channel and on the Bucktons website, giving advice on:

Housing and routine care for your pet bird     Ways to provide enrichment for your pet bird

Starring celebrity zoo and wildlife vet, Matt Brash, the videos are just a few minutes long each, but provide bird owners and retailers with essential bitesize advice on how to care for pet birds.

Matt introduces the audience to parrots, Peewee and Charlie, and gives simple yet effective advice on how best to look after pet birds. One scene even includes making a fruit kebab and hiding seeds in corrugated cardboard to mimic their natural surroundings!

The videos will educate staff and shoppers on quick and easy ways to care for aviary birds, ensuring healthier, happier pets and more relaxed owners.

Kirk Rothwell, Brand Manager for Bucktons said: “We created these short videos that are easy to access and watch because we want pet owners to have all the information they need for a happy and healthy bird.”

What makes Bucktons Aviary Food Pre-Packs so good for birds? The food contains a unique natural supplement, known as Spiralife, and helps to enhances plumage, as well as supporting a healthy immune and digestive functions, benefiting birds overall health. The range of products also benefit from re-sealable packs for added customer ease. The full range includes:

Discover the videos on Bucktons Pet YouTube channel, or via the Bucktons website.