12 simple tips for looking after your parrot

Here are a few useful tips to help you look after your parrot, particularly during the warmer summer months.

  1. Make sure that the cage you have for your parrot is as large as possible so that there is plenty of room for toys, and for your parrot to move around.
  2. Get your parrot out of the cage as much as possible, encouraging them to fly. This is really good exercise. After all most birds are meant to fly!
  3. Never clip their wings.
  4. If you have the space, build a small aviary in the garden, so that when the weather is nice your parrot can go outside.
  5. Most birds need Ultraviolet light to assist in the manufacture of vitamin D. This helps control the calcium levels.
    During the summer, make the most of the nice weather by having time outside. They love to sunbathe, so even if you can’t build an aviary, simply put their cage outdoors when the sun is shining.
    Always ensure that your parrot can find a bit of shade if they want to. If you are unable to put them outside then get an artificial light source that produces UV light.
  6. Remember that during the summer months daylight hours are longer, but parrots still need their twelve hours undisturbed sleep a night.
    Covering over their cage with a blanket helps send them off to sleep and will make sure they’re not disturbed by the early morning sunlight.
  7. Actively encourage foraging behaviour. Don’t put all of their food in the food bowl, but try putting at least fifty percent of their food hidden in puzzles or toys, so that your parrot has to work for their food.
  8. Birds enjoy keeping clean so try giving them either a sand bath or a bowl of water to bathe in. Some birds love to have showers, but not too hot!
  9. Many people keep their parrots in the kitchen but beware; they are very sensitive to smells, and noxious gases. The vapours given off from non-stick saucepans, polyflourotetraethylene (PTFE) are deadly.
  10. If your parrot is kept close to a window, be careful of the ‘greenhouse effect’ during the warmer summer days. Move the cage out of direct sunlight to keep them cool.
  11. In the warmer weather, keep an eye out for flies / flystrike, which can be really nasty for parrots.
    Measures to prevent the risk include cleaning the cage regularly, remove spilt / leftover food and provide fresh clean water.
  12. Use perches of different sizes, shapes and made of different substances to stand on. Parrots love fruit tree branches to stand on, as they can also chew these up.

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