What your garden bird needs

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Feeding a pure seed diet, or a pure nugget based diet, can lead to dietary disorders, obesity and psychological problems. It is important to try to mimic what your bird would eat in the wild as much as is practical.

Adult birds only have low requirements for Vitamin A, Calcium and other nutrients, so signs of deficiencies can be subtle and slow in onset.


When you see garden birds eating insects, gravel or grit, they’re actually consuming Calcium.

Calcium is needed for bone development and growth. Essential for young birds as their skeletons develop. It’s also important for egg development for breeding.

Bucktons Energy Balls are a great way of providing this nutrient, as they contain Calcium Carbonate, especially useful when it’s hard for birds to source naturally.


A bird’s natural source of protein is from insects, so during winter months when insects are harder to find, protein rich seed mixes are ideal.

Protein helps muscle repair, as birds are very active, it’s essential to ensure that their muscles remain in peak condition. Protein is also great for aiding feather regeneration, especially important during the moult.

That’s why we’d recommend Bucktons Robin and Songbird Food, which contains protein rich ingredients such as kibbled peanuts, oats and mealworms, to support growth development, muscle repair and helps keep feathers healthy.


Wild bird feeding is most prominent during the winter months with natural food shortages and colder days and nights.

With food sources being low, and birds using more energy to find food, providing an energy rich blend will help combat this issue.

Bucktons High Energy Food has been specifically designed, with rich oil seeds, to supply more calories to birds which they will convert to energy. An essential mix to help birds when they need that extra boost.

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