Superior Plus Racer Optimal Nutrition

A unique formulation for Bucktons with the added Quorum™ Sensing Performance Pellet to provide natural support for enhanced immunity and digestion. With a variety of ingredients used to create an optimal racing condition.

Product Features:

  • Optimum racing nutrition
  • Natural support for immune and digestive systems
  • Quorum™ Sensing Technology
This product utilises Quorum™ Sensing Technology


Red Dari, Safflower Seed, Popcorn Maize, Wheat, Performance Pellet, Red Ruby Maize, Black Sunflower Seeds, White Dari, White Peas, Buckwheat, Blue Peas, Tares, Linseed, Maple Peas and White Rice.

Available Sizes:

  • 20.00 kg
  • Feeding Time:

    March - September

    Racing Distance:

    60 - 600 miles

    Suitable for:

    • racing