Pigeon: Racing

Whether you're racing long, middle or short races, Bucktons has a racing mix for all. With Quorum™ Sensing Technology for an added immunity booster, to give your birds all they need.

  • Bucktons-Pigeon-Depurative-20kg

    A light and easily digestible mix, ideal for a post-race detox to help reduce the toxins built up during a race.

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  • Bucktons-Pigeon-Diet-Supreme-20kg
    Diet Supreme

    Suitable for both sprint and long distance races, this blend keeps birds in peak athletic condition, providing essential nutrients without adding weight.

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  • Bucktons-Pigeon-Irish-Mix-20kg
    Irish Mix

    A balanced mixture of nutrients which makes this a popular mix for middle to long distance races.

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  • Bucktons-Pigeon-Irish-Ruby-20kg
    Irish Ruby

    With a balance of carbohydrates and protein and extra fat added, this is a great all round racing mix.

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  • Bucktons-Pigeon-Light-Speed-20kg
    Light Speed

    With a high inclusion of fat, this makes Light Speed a high energy blend. Perfect for increasing stamina and performance during the racing season.

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  • Bucktons-Pigeon-Ruby-Gold-20kg
    Ruby Gold

    An ideal sprint racing mixture with the inclusion of Red Maize to provide high energy. Can be used both on its own and as a supplement.

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  • Bucktons-Pigeon-Super-Widowhood-20kg
    Super Widowhood

    An advanced Widowhood racing mixture, with a high carbohydrates inclusion to enhance stamina and performance.

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  • Bucktons Pigeon Superior Plus Optimum Racer
    Superior Plus Racer Optimal Nutrition

    A unique formulation for Bucktons with the added Quorum™ Sensing Performance Pellet to provide natural support for enhanced immunity and digestion. With a variety of ingredients used to create an optimal racing condition.

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