Indoor Bird & Aviary: General Aviary

With the variety of species around, there’s a seed mix to suit everyone. Our general aviary blends are produced to suit all aviary species.

An image of general aviary birds
  • Canary Seed

    The finest canary seed, sourced to the highest quality. A valuable ingredient in many aviary mixes.

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  • Bucktons Peanuts In Shell
    Peanuts in Shell

    A popular treat choice with a variety of birds, a great choice!

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  • Mixed Corn

    A great staple food for larger, ground feeding birds. A three grain mix of Wheat, Barley and Kibbled Maize.

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  • Bucktons Millet Sprays
    Millet Spray

    A millet spray works as a great treat for small, tropical birds. They are high in vitamins, and will soon be eaten.

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