Indoor Bird & Aviary: Cockatiel & Parakeet

With an outgoing and sociable personality, these birds are a popular choice for many. With plenty of enthusiasm and excitement, they will keep you busy with their humorous, loving and playful antics.

An image of a Parakeet and a Cockatiel
  • Large Parakeet

    This mix can improve breeding performance through the perfectly balanced blend of nutritious seeds, such as sunflower seeds.

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  • Small Parakeet

    Developed with small digestible seeds to create an all-round mix for Parakeets. This mix is also ideal for other species such as Cockatiels and Lovebirds.

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  • Cockatiel & Lovebird 20kg
    Cockatiel & Lovebird

    Using a selection of the finest quality small seeds, this proven formulation contains a high oil content for improved condition. The smaller seeds ensure easier digestion for these birds.

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